Custom Order a Dreamcatcher!

Custom crafted & imbued with magic and character specifically for you *or * for someone you love!

I Love making Dream Catchers! It is truly a meditative and creative way to pass my time and my heart loves placing the various details into each unique one! They are a tangible blessing that I imbue with much intention, magic and radiant love.

I started making them as gifts, mostly for the new babes being born to people whom I hold dear.... over time people started to request custom orders when they saw some of my work. They are much more beautiful in person; a photo can never do them justice. ..Its the mesmerizing spinning, the vibrations of the crystals, the intention, the curvature of the branches, the possibilities of daydreams and revelations and blessings to come....The comfort of your own special place of rest and relaxation...

Each one  is an expression of my creativity and unconditional love that was made to be enjoyed for decades to come! It is the purest labor of love; I spend hours crafting each one, and make a handwritten card to accompany each creation to let you know the metaphysical qualities that you should be calling in. We all have the ability to change ourselves with our thoughts and vibrations. I give you  the cues to remind you  to absorb negativity, to find your courage, confidence, unconditional love or inner inspire positive thoughts, creativity, protection, harmony, drive away fears, resentment and anger etc.... (Please take a moment to peruse my METAPHYSICAL  page on my website, so you can request Gemstones of your choice that echo these qualities.

When working on my business plan I realized that my pricing of my creations did not reflect the time and love that went into each unique dreamcatcher.  I want to create affordable eternal art, but pretty much ended up paying myself $5 an hour after everything I put into them and that is just not valuing myself  or my time at all. (Sometimes making the card or the process of  shipping can take me over an hour for each! ) I am trying to be honest with myself and others about what they are and what goes into them.  In order to continue making them, I  came to the conclusion that they should be viewed as an investment  and  as supporting an artisan crafter....and please note that each creation gets us one step closer to our  delayed dream honeymoon!  So look at it as an investment in both of our happiness! It's a win-win situation!

With that in mind, here is my standard pricing for a custom order:
{{Your choice of horizontal or vertical ,8-10 inch diameter, up to 3 gemstone  and 3 color choices }}
I try to keep the price of supplies below $10 to keep them affordable.
I will work on a standard custom order for about 4 hours
Standard Custom Order= $60 PLUS COST OF SHIPPING

Size and flair are a direct correlation of price.
If you want a larger or more unique and awesome Dreamcatcher, we can make that happen!..,  You may add options to your order [ like adding feathers, premium crystals, more complicated designs, more crystals, special requests,  or even adding battery powered lights (Battery unit hidden better on Larger ones)]
Premium, Larger or Radiant Dreamcatcher =  starting at $75-150... depending on  size, style, add ons, etc...
Buyer pays for shipping. [Larger box= more shipping costs].

Additional cost for shipping will be billed by Paypal, Venmo or Square after placing inital order

Are you a elementary school student or perhaps you or on a budget??
I can make you a mini dreamcatcher....(I can use colored glass beads as a budget option, and you may choose one gemstone.)
Mini Dreamcatcher = $30 PLUS SHIPPING COSTS

Thanks for reading all this!.. I'll add more photos soon.

Thank you kindly for supporting my creative small business!!!!

How do I order??

 Please read this page, then Choose  Standard, Premium, or Mini Dreamcatcher;
Tell me what Colors, gemstones or metaphysical conjuring you would  like to call in?   Do you have a special request: owl, bicycle, rainbow, double decker, horizontal, vertical, multiple rings, criss-cross double ring, something else??? Also, be sure to tell me name of person that dreamcatcher is for so I can be specific with my blessings.

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